Manufacturers of Endseal Gaskets for Flexo Doctor Blade systems
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Endseal Samples

Endseal Samples

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FLEXOseal manufactures quality endseal gaskets designed to work with a vast array of Flexo Printing Press types manufactured worldwide. Cutting precisely by water jet and using a wide variety of raw materials, such as foam, felt or neoprene, FLEXOseal has the design capabilities to match your existing seal type and size, or customize seals to fit any refits that have been added to your press equipment. A multitude of model types are made to service Flexo Printing Presses such as: CARINT, UTECO, W&H, COMEXI, SCHIAVI, BEILLONI, PCMC, KIDDER, HARRISON BRUNO and OTHERS.

FLEXOseal also manufacture the finest Swedish steel doctor blades sold uncut by the roll or in pre-cut lengths of 50 blades per box.

For all of your Flexo endseal gasket or doctor blade requirements, contact us for a quotation today. Samples are available for testing.

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